Foundry mechanic
Partial qualification

A job on top form!
Qualify as an expert for casting

Are you looking for a versatile job with security and a future? Then train with us to become a foundry mechanic. This is also possible if you are unskilled or have qualifications in another profession. Because what counts for us is motivation, a sense of responsibility and the fun of a challenge. How does that work? Through the so-called partial qualification.

Short profile
What you do after the training

The partial qualification consists of 6 months of further training. After that, your will include producing objects from cast metal, making or setting up moulds, preparing the casting and the alloys from metallic materials, melting and casting metal and checking the castings.

Grab this opportunity of a varied job in a solid industry and apply now.

Foundry mechanic (PQ) flyer (German)
  • Qualification in the profession of foundry mechanic
  • Competence in moulding processes (competence area 1)
  • Onboarding at Siempelkamp Giesserei

Partial qualification as foundry mechanic (PQ 1) with certificate

  • Competence area: Moulding process
  • Focus: Hand-moulded casting

Theory from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the following topics:

  • Module 1: Technical communication / materials science
  • Module 2: Foundry technology and processes
  • Module 3: Moulding materials, cores
  • Module 4: Hand-moulded casting
  • Module 5: Smelting technology
  • Module 6: Quality management, casting defects

Practical from Monday to Friday according to the training topics (max. 8 hours daily):

  • Smelting and keeping warm
  • Handling moulding materials
  • Applying moulding techniques
  • Fastening, securing and transporting
  • Casting
  • Demoulding and post-treatment

6 months including in-company learning phase

  • Willingness to work shifts
  • Basic German language skills
  • Physical condition and head for heights tested by occupational physician

Teutloff Bildungszentrum / Siempelkamp Giesserei
Siempelkampstrasse 45
47803 Krefeld

Possible through employment agency, job centre, BFD or employers’ liability insurance association

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